Everyone Hates Everything You Write.

Social Networking: The Ultimate Scam.


So ask yourself the question next time you write something . Is there any reason you are writing it?


Try and predict what the next big thing will be, It’s very hard or is it.

Social Networking as it is now will end. Almost everyone uses it, but have you met anyone in the past 5 years that says “I love social networking”

No, you haven’t.  The reason why is not because we are stupid, shallow, self-promoting idiots that have nothing interesting to discuss and only want to post random thoughts and pictures.


It’s because it is setup to exploit these attributes within us, and appeal to the lowest common denominator or our human need for recognition.


Facebook, Instagram, twitter were not improvements to discussion forums and Myspace. They simply targeted the exploitation of the human need for approval and created an environment that encouraged the illusion of connection and care from “Friends”

But things move fast on the web, and diminished returns of they “high” u get are happening. A person liking your photo is now feeling more like a “god bless you” to a sneeze. (It means nothing)


Now let’s take another approach. Let’s say a beautiful women that is your “Friend” posts a picture of herself.  100’s of likes certainly does drive the ego, and also gives the “likers” the feeling of connecting to this slut. But, again, diminished return.  There is no connection, you like a photo, you make some slut’s ego go fucking ballistic but at the end of the day, nothing changes and there is zero engagement in conversation. .


Let’s see i’m  going to open my facebook page and just post what people wrote just today:  (none of these posts have comment, all likes)



“Well this is pointless nnoww…lol”


“No point crying over the past, it’s already gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present & make it beautiful.”


“Much drama todayyyy – f that i isn’t got time for all that concentrating on myself k thanks bye”



“I Need More Beer!!!!!”



“It’s very simple… Exercise = Happy”



Can you imagine if you hung out with people who just shouted out random things like this all night? Not much of a conversation. Not to sure what my point is since I probably have done the same thing, mostly just pointing out how fucking boring this shit is making us.


Now check out the posts on an old message board that used to be the shit since Myspace/Facebook didn’t exist. I remember I would get so wrapped up in talking and fighting with people on these boards I wouldn’t even want to do anything else online. Plus the conversations and discussions were crazy, fun, and truly social.





(all over 100 replys)


Weird question, Has any girl ever been raped and started to enjoy it halfway through?


Ever get arrested at spring break? ..I did… story –>


How To Kill Yourself ?



If You Could Feel Up Any Member Who Would It Be?


who used to go roller-skating on friday nights?


What’s with this new disgusting trend  Of fat pigs wearing low cut jeans with belly shirts or whatever the fuck they are called


ever think about tearing a girls bottom jaw off then throat fucking her? Tongue all dangling out and shit


These are truly great topics that are awesome to discuss.

So ask yourself the question next time you write something . Is there any reason you are writing it?



127 thoughts on “Everyone Hates Everything You Write.”

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