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  • Over 100 new songs.
  • 9 Original Lady gaga remixes in dedication to upcoming album “Born This Way”
  • Recorded in the highest quality MP3 format

I don’t want to say much, but I can say in all honesty this is the best mix I ever made and pushes energy through you like nothing I have ever heard. There was also much time put into this selection. There is no way you won’t enjoy this one folks. It’s a big one.

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This was the best summer of all time for everyone. We all got tan and we all went to the beach. We ripped it and we ripped it again. You know there is a massive storm ahead, but we will ride that FUCKEN WAVE UNTILL WERE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy mother fucken cock sucken son of a bitchen LABOR FUCKEN DAY WEEKEND TWOTHOUSANDAND10    PArty in your car, party on the beach party in the bar party with your Japanese freind “MAneeCH! AS LONG AS YOU PARTY IT WILL BE OK SO LETS        Let’s shut this bitch down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like its MEMORAL DAY!!

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