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Ballistic -Vocals-House-Dark_Tribal-Set

Crazy dark, Insane remix, Totally Fucken live from fog in Newark. rip it.

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Got Stung By A Wasp, Car Broke Down, shrimp.

what? huh? no.. Nothing really is new some random thoughts today.

I spoke to a relative that I rarely speak to. I always felt that we were both so different since he is so closed off and I am so open and out there. But I think that we may actually be very similar we just both have different ways of manifesting our selves and dealing with life.

Kind of like a person that talks all the time because they feel awkward if they don’t vs a quite person that does the same. Or like how a monkey with no dick wants to bang sandwiches.

uhmm what else… Today My Car battery was dead and I had a bag of fish in the car. I also had a sandwich so I just sat there and ate my sandwich then I called my sister then hit my car’s battery with a hammer because it was the only tool I have and I felt like I should do something even though I dont know shit about cars. Well the car started.


Last Sunday I drove to the beach at 7am and decided to clean out my car in the TD Bank parking lot. A wasp came out and stung me in my head. It hurt bad, Only thing I had was ” New Car Smell Spray” I grabbed it and sprayed it on my head thinking the chemicals would some how kill out the bea sting.

My life is is pretty linear right now. Maybe yours is too,.

If you read this you get 50 years bad luck. Congrads.

Oh, I was searching for that awesome classic song ” “Put it in my mouth”

thought googles search results were pretty funny.




This was the best summer of all time for everyone. We all got tan and we all went to the beach. We ripped it and we ripped it again. You know there is a massive storm ahead, but we will ride that FUCKEN WAVE UNTILL WERE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy mother fucken cock sucken son of a bitchen LABOR FUCKEN DAY WEEKEND TWOTHOUSANDAND10    PArty in your car, party on the beach party in the bar party with your Japanese freind “MAneeCH! AS LONG AS YOU PARTY IT WILL BE OK SO LETS        Let’s shut this bitch down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like its MEMORAL DAY!!

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My Obsession with streams.

I am not sure if it is a direct result of being home schooled but when I was growing up I always felt the need to crawl down into sewers and play in streams. People often went looking for me because I was not home in time for dinner. The first place they would look would be down in the stream or under the bridge.

I knew other home schooled child people that shared this same obsession. Constantly thinking about being in the stream, being near the stream. Watching the water go down the drain and feeling oddly enough jealous since it would reach the stream before me. It was almost as if being down in the stream was the only place I really fit in. Cray fish running amok, guppies picking at my pebbles and the occasional bike tire lodged in a pile of old diapers and hangers.

Even now as I sit in my office in Manhattan, I stare out the window watching the rain and I can’t help to wonder what level the stream is at right now. Oh, Joyess day it would be when the streams would overflow and the streets would flood.

I am in no way joking about this. I know it sounds ridicules. If you come across k any other home schooled child ask them about water and being near it. If they feel comfortable enough, they just may tell you a similar love / obsession for being near a water that runs.

Dear Jonathan, I can read with my eyes shut – Weird,Rap,Techno – Megamix

Grind your face off with this 3 hour double CD energy packed backyard slavery mix of power control.

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I can read with my eyes shut

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