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I took a completely different angle with this mix. We blast right off with adrenaline pumping cutting edge rock songs then we push your adrenaline into overdrive with the latest pop and rear end you right into hard hitting house that will push your energy to never before extreme levels of bliss. Shout out to my Boy water Joe for coming up with the idea for a rock mix.

This is a big one folks, Enjoy.

FUNHouse – notalthere – Dance, Pop, Oldies. Strange fun, MOVE

Put onĀ  your spurs, saddle up up your loved one, plaster a smile on your face because this latest mix is going to make you hop bop and giddy up on top. Summer is in full effect keep that vibe going and remember and dont stop moven and grooven on the boardwalk to the beach from vegas to Semgas.

and remember, IF ITS TO LOUD, YOUR TO OLD!!

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Fun House

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