I am DJ’ng Next Thursday in Matawan NJ – House Music Thursdays

Cafe 34 – Matawan NJ – House Music Thursdays

“Say notalltheres list” for free admission to this sites loyal readers.

Starting Thursday September 22nd at 9pm & Every Thursday after.




With international DJ notallthere.

Come for the drinks, stay for the beats.

787 State Route 34
Matawan, NJ 07747-6678
(732) 583-9700

Ballistic -Vocals-House-Dark_Tribal-Set

Crazy dark, Insane remix, Totally Fucken live from fog in Newark. rip it.

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Jersey shore Rivoli’s Italian Restaurant & Jwowws new book

First off I wanna say that on a personal note, Rivoli’s is one of my most favorite restaurants. I have been going there for years and I was so happy to see it on jersey shore. I felt like I was famous.  The proportions are as big as they said they are and the quality is great. Since they were told that they were not allowed to reveal the location of the restaurant I am bringing it to you since it is a block from my family’s shore house in toms river.

781 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River – (732) 270-3634


This place is considered an EXTREME secret to the locals so defiantly be loud and enjoy yourself. One of the best things about this place is the mural they have on the wall of the sopranos. No im not kidding, ask for that booth.


Oh Yeah, and jwows new book is going to be amazing. Theres a huge possibility that she actually was a hooker or a stripper before the show and was hooked on pain killers. I respect her though more then any other member because shes a mess but has a great business sense.

There also has been talk of a member of the cast marrying a famous celebrity but we cannot confirm this since our sources come from a local pub in seaside heights and they guy was drunk.


Get some fist pump training and listen to some real hard fucken house and you will see what its all about. Fresh, free no strings attached downloads here: