RESOLVED: Why Does Bad Things Happen To “Good” People.

Throughout my life I have heard statements such as “Things happen for a reason” and “This is happening for a reason” these terms are thrown around loosely and if you are a person like myself that has a brain that digs into statements automatically before they are stored in my brains memory bank and referenced as an answer for a problem, then you would understand why it frustrated me to know end when people say these things to me. I still think that people make these statements because they believe in “ the power of positive thinking” and they believe that if you do not believe this then you must be an negative person or perhaps they truly believe this but I don’t think that’s it. If you TRULY believed these sayings then everything that happens in your life bad and super bad you would barley even frown because you would believe it happened for a reason.


Now, with that being said, I think it is possible things happen for a reason but I do not think it is that black and white. As the years pass by and I draw more of a framework in my brain of what the answers to life are and the ways to deal with hardships and how to push forward with the force of a train smashing through a paper wall repeatedly,

I came to the conclusion that things happen to you and you meet people and hear things constantly through books, tv, cartoons, encounters, music, status updates, sounds, animals ect ect, as you ignore them or as you continue down a path that does not lead to the ultimate goal in life that I believe everyone is looking for: ( To not fear death, and to be constantly happy) , your life may become seriously tumultuous as the universe or god screams at you trying to answer you and give you the path to fulfill your true wants and needs, the more you ignore, the louder and the more inventive your life situations will become. Human beings are “wild cards” and there are trillions of variables that shape what we need to have from the universe, the universe, god, whatever gives us each exactly the situations we need. Maybe you need the love someone wonderful, maybe someone needs to have his face skin peeled off and witness the murder of his family.


This theory would offer an answer of the question  “ Why does god do bad things to good people” but you don’t know who that person really is and you don’t know what they have done or what they need to feel what they want. Maybe life is like a giant wire brush and sometime it needs to scrape us to death to get us clean..  IF you feel bitter because you are so certain that good things happen to bad people only because you have a vision who they are and who you are and that is not a fact, just your opinion. Life is mind blowingly nuts and just like a GPS device you should never have blind faith in anything. Use the systems that you know work but always imagine there might be a better way. My advice to myself and to everyone from what I have learned so far is prepare for the worst, hope for the best, enjoy the Mistry of life and never think you are a victim because being a victim is something you decide and it can destroy you. The journey is the destination. Is that a saying? I like it. The best is yet to come,  and if it doesn’t come then go the fuck after it.

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