House Music Church Poject – NJ

House Music Church / Religion NJ

We have all done the after-hours nightclubs, we have all dealt with the annoying juice heads at Djs’s and most of us stop going gout because of this. But none of us sopped loving house music and dancing.

HOUSE MUSIC CHURCH is about going to bed early Saturday then going to the 9 oclock mass. We sit in silence for a half hour and jsut let our minds rest. Then For the rest of the day we RIP IT! Loud beats, dancing and just plain fun. Loose yourself and your mind in the rheumatic beats.

My name is notallthere. Many years ago I had an idea to make a house music church in NJ. The process is not to difficult and venues are around for not much. I have located a space in Newark NJ for 200k that can hold almost 1000 people.

I have most sound equipment and we would allow all DJ’s to spin in and everyone would have a chance as long as it was a form of electronic music..

A place to spend your Sunday, and a place to call your second home. Everyone would play a part in fixing it up or donating money. If we can raise more then 200k we will open in a better location.

E-Mail me for more information.



who’s that?
That’s I Need Money! Goddamn!
Okay, but, what’s his name?
I Need Money!
[ Cash Register Dings ]
– Doesn’t talk. How come he? –

I Need Money, he’s a mute.
When we first hooked up, he wrote on a slip of paper “I Need Money.”
I said, “Shit! Nigga Me too!”
Afta that we started makin’ it together


I don’t know where to start, so I wont.


Ive lost focus of what I am killing myself for. Taking inventory of what the end all goal is important but loosing site of that is something that has happened because deflecting the difficultys ive entountred is something that has accured. God do I have storys to tell but I don’t  feel like typing them.


Sharing your problems and your personal issues is useless to me. But what is very nice is talking to someone and without them realizing it they are similar and see things the same way. People in your life that are put into postions of “power” by their title, wether it be a relative or a “close friend” can lead you to feel disalusned when you share. Its easy to help when you are happy and moving in a forward motion, it is impposible to find help when you are fucked up and looking for it.


Its not because people are mean or evil but everyone has their own version of what they think you “need” to be helped, and that is just the way it is.

At the end of the day, eh fuck it I don’t know where im going with this. Well the bottom line is this, I will be there for you when I am back in control of myself. Im not going to explain to you why I am not operating at my normal capcity. I tried, but you didnt listen. It’s becuase your you and im me. Help people when you can and dont ask for help becuase you wont get the help you need.

I am DJ’ng Next Thursday in Matawan NJ – House Music Thursdays

Cafe 34 – Matawan NJ – House Music Thursdays

“Say notalltheres list” for free admission to this sites loyal readers.

Starting Thursday September 22nd at 9pm & Every Thursday after.




With international DJ notallthere.

Come for the drinks, stay for the beats.

787 State Route 34
Matawan, NJ 07747-6678
(732) 583-9700

I like

I like


  1. GARBAGE!! Garbage picking is the most awesome exciting thing on earth to me. Ive almost gotten into coutnless accidents from breaking my neck looking at garbage and right now the amount of flood garbage out there has made me almost loose control. I cant even describe to you.
  2. Falling out a window and rolling around in the grass.
  3. Making out with a pretty girl that has soft lips, big eyes and a wet softspitty tongue
  4. Moments when all of my friends are laughing and smiling clapping there hands singing house music songs and rolling dice together out of the blue
  5. When something big is planned and everyone’s getting together and I have to get new clothes because its going to be a sick night.
  6. Jumping in the ocean when its all cold then laying and feeling the sun dry the salt water off of my skin as a warm breeze wisps over me and you here random beach mundane beach conversations around you about the traffic and junk.
  7. When my sister is happy.
  8. The smell of new electronics out of the box. ( I still remember the way my super Nintendo smelled when I opened it.
  9. Money.
  10. Fucking a nice girl after the beach and brushing the seeweed out of her hair.
  11. Sticking my head in the freezer in the frozen food isle and breathing in the air.





I hate.

Stepping on mother Fucken acorns when I just got out of the  pool barefoot.