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who’s that?
That’s I Need Money! Goddamn!
Okay, but, what’s his name?
I Need Money!
[ Cash Register Dings ]
– Doesn’t talk. How come he? –

I Need Money, he’s a mute.
When we first hooked up, he wrote on a slip of paper “I Need Money.”
I said, “Shit! Nigga Me too!”
Afta that we started makin’ it together

I hope I am married & in therapy someday so I can use this quote:



Ari From Entourage:

I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SESSION on how my wife could learn to communicate, how to answer a question without a question, basic Humanity 101, which I thought, given your wall of fucking diplomas, you could easily fix, or if you couldn’t, you could give her a pill that would either fix it or make her a mute. But now, to turn around and gang up on me? I have work to do.

I have hundreds of clients to deal with, and just so we’re clear, I don’t care about ANY OF THEM. They’re ALL just a number, like Wife #1 and Therapist #7




Defintion of insnaity – Revised

I am a fan of Albert Einstein but I think people constantly repeating his quote  that the “Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” as fact can be damaging.  He may have been taking it for granted that this would have been used to an exactness of how it was meant because first off:

1. The true definition of insanity according to Miriam Webster Dictionary is: ” a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia)”

2. If you do the same EXACT thing over and over and expect different results, yes that is kind of insane. ie,. if you put the same wrong key in the same wrong key hole repeatedly and expect it to work.

But then again, if you force that key in hundreds of thousands of times into that key hole, you probably will wear down that lock and open the door sooner or later. Get my drift?

The only way I have ever accomplished anything great, is by doing what may seem as being the same thing over and over and over and over and over

and over and slightly tweaking what I was doing in ways such as altering  my state of mind by changing my environment, changing my approach & method of how I am doing the operation and sometimes by doing the same thing over and over. Yep,. Really. Touching insanity.

For an example, If you write computer code and it doesn’t work and you keep trying over by slightly modify code or execution method it may really seem like you are making the same mistakes and you may feel insane but you are not repeating the same thing, you are performing “Process Of Elimination”

What is my fucking point? If you are busting your ass trying to make money, get ripped or do anything that you have not done before and that Albert Eisenstein saying kicks in the back of your brain which leads you to “stopping from making insane choices”Forget that saying and replace it with “Persistence Pays off”

Just remember, if you are truly insane some old saying isn’t going to help you and although AI may have needed that saying to help him walk away from things he could not solve, but
I am pretty sure that “giving up” isn’t something you need help with anyway.