Notallthere – I produce music and write.

The origins of the name “notallthere” started back when I was a child and diagnosed with a severe case of bi-polar disorder.Refusing become a medicated drone….

Bla bla, wa wa, what that translates to you is a constant change since I get happy, said, angry, evil, horny, and some things I cannot describe in words when produce and create my live sets and performances. You will see how this translates into my outlet and  brings you into your own place.  I have been told they are fucken great because its like going on an emotional dance journey,


Lets go dark and evil and then slip into something warm and happy. But in the end, You will here a constant rhythm that will never stop moving or change because amidst my insanity their is a consistency that will lure you in deep into another world and take u to a place of anarchistic behavior and jungle dance .


yeha u fuckers.




We do not  understand this world. The things that make “normal”
people happy bore us so we struggle to fit in. We think crazy
thoughts and we are wildly creative.
Maybe you can find sanity in the insanity of this site.
Or maybe it will make you more insane.
Enjoy: Sketchy yet sick music mix’s, stories and daily
crazy blog that only the cracked mind could love.

Contact us: notallthere@notallthere.net

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