“Water on Mars doesn’t only mean that there is 100 percent definitely probably life on Mars but based on our expert super smart theoretical analysis, that life probably doesn’t know the value of waterfront real estate.” already has listed two theoretical water front listings  and let me tell you, if you could imagine the water that might be on Mars these imaginary homes are INCREDIBLE!  THIS IS CERTAINLY THE BEST TIME TO BE ALIVE!!! (Probably )


Everyone Hates Everything You Write.

Social Networking: The Ultimate Scam.


So ask yourself the question next time you write something . Is there any reason you are writing it?


Try and predict what the next big thing will be, It’s very hard or is it.

Social Networking as it is now will end. Almost everyone uses it, but have you met anyone in the past 5 years that says “I love social networking”

No, you haven’t.  The reason why is not because we are stupid, shallow, self-promoting idiots that have nothing interesting to discuss and only want to post random thoughts and pictures.


It’s because it is setup to exploit these attributes within us, and appeal to the lowest common denominator or our human need for recognition.


Facebook, Instagram, twitter were not improvements to discussion forums and Myspace. They simply targeted the exploitation of the human need for approval and created an environment that encouraged the illusion of connection and care from “Friends”

But things move fast on the web, and diminished returns of they “high” u get are happening. A person liking your photo is now feeling more like a “god bless you” to a sneeze. (It means nothing)


Now let’s take another approach. Let’s say a beautiful women that is your “Friend” posts a picture of herself.  100’s of likes certainly does drive the ego, and also gives the “likers” the feeling of connecting to this slut. But, again, diminished return.  There is no connection, you like a photo, you make some slut’s ego go fucking ballistic but at the end of the day, nothing changes and there is zero engagement in conversation. .


Let’s see i’m  going to open my facebook page and just post what people wrote just today:  (none of these posts have comment, all likes)



“Well this is pointless nnoww…lol”


“No point crying over the past, it’s already gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present & make it beautiful.”


“Much drama todayyyy – f that i isn’t got time for all that concentrating on myself k thanks bye”



“I Need More Beer!!!!!”



“It’s very simple… Exercise = Happy”



Can you imagine if you hung out with people who just shouted out random things like this all night? Not much of a conversation. Not to sure what my point is since I probably have done the same thing, mostly just pointing out how fucking boring this shit is making us.


Now check out the posts on an old message board that used to be the shit since Myspace/Facebook didn’t exist. I remember I would get so wrapped up in talking and fighting with people on these boards I wouldn’t even want to do anything else online. Plus the conversations and discussions were crazy, fun, and truly social.





(all over 100 replys)


Weird question, Has any girl ever been raped and started to enjoy it halfway through?


Ever get arrested at spring break? ..I did… story –>


How To Kill Yourself ?



If You Could Feel Up Any Member Who Would It Be?


who used to go roller-skating on friday nights?


What’s with this new disgusting trend  Of fat pigs wearing low cut jeans with belly shirts or whatever the fuck they are called


ever think about tearing a girls bottom jaw off then throat fucking her? Tongue all dangling out and shit


These are truly great topics that are awesome to discuss.

So ask yourself the question next time you write something . Is there any reason you are writing it?


RESOLVED: Why Does Bad Things Happen To “Good” People.

Throughout my life I have heard statements such as “Things happen for a reason” and “This is happening for a reason” these terms are thrown around loosely and if you are a person like myself that has a brain that digs into statements automatically before they are stored in my brains memory bank and referenced as an answer for a problem, then you would understand why it frustrated me to know end when people say these things to me. I still think that people make these statements because they believe in “ the power of positive thinking” and they believe that if you do not believe this then you must be an negative person or perhaps they truly believe this but I don’t think that’s it. If you TRULY believed these sayings then everything that happens in your life bad and super bad you would barley even frown because you would believe it happened for a reason.


Now, with that being said, I think it is possible things happen for a reason but I do not think it is that black and white. As the years pass by and I draw more of a framework in my brain of what the answers to life are and the ways to deal with hardships and how to push forward with the force of a train smashing through a paper wall repeatedly,

I came to the conclusion that things happen to you and you meet people and hear things constantly through books, tv, cartoons, encounters, music, status updates, sounds, animals ect ect, as you ignore them or as you continue down a path that does not lead to the ultimate goal in life that I believe everyone is looking for: ( To not fear death, and to be constantly happy) , your life may become seriously tumultuous as the universe or god screams at you trying to answer you and give you the path to fulfill your true wants and needs, the more you ignore, the louder and the more inventive your life situations will become. Human beings are “wild cards” and there are trillions of variables that shape what we need to have from the universe, the universe, god, whatever gives us each exactly the situations we need. Maybe you need the love someone wonderful, maybe someone needs to have his face skin peeled off and witness the murder of his family.


This theory would offer an answer of the question  “ Why does god do bad things to good people” but you don’t know who that person really is and you don’t know what they have done or what they need to feel what they want. Maybe life is like a giant wire brush and sometime it needs to scrape us to death to get us clean..  IF you feel bitter because you are so certain that good things happen to bad people only because you have a vision who they are and who you are and that is not a fact, just your opinion. Life is mind blowingly nuts and just like a GPS device you should never have blind faith in anything. Use the systems that you know work but always imagine there might be a better way. My advice to myself and to everyone from what I have learned so far is prepare for the worst, hope for the best, enjoy the Mistry of life and never think you are a victim because being a victim is something you decide and it can destroy you. The journey is the destination. Is that a saying? I like it. The best is yet to come,  and if it doesn’t come then go the fuck after it.

The Dangerous of blanket statements

Part 1.


The Dangerous of blanket statements

and the importance of following plans that have been proven.


Something that has been a reoccurring thought over the past few years of my life, and I have written about it in the past is that

“Old Sayings” can be detrimental. “Two wrongs Don’t make a right” Sure, but is that a fact? No. It is an old saying. And old sayings are accepted as facts.

They end arguments, are known by most and are repeated constantly by everyone. I think this is bad because there are plenty of situations that 2 wrongs (just as an example) do make a right.

The reason I bring this up is because I was outside thinking about the word or phrase rather, “Blanket Statement” and the reason I was thinking about that phrase is because I was thinking about the saying

“Once an addict, always an addict”


…and the importance of following plans that have been proven.

Now of course this is not a fact, it’s just another “Old Saying” but shit, these old sayings have power.

Because I was thinking about something troubling me and like a computer with a pop-up virus, the second I felt despaired in this area of personal thought about a subject, that old saying “once an addict always an addict popped into my head.

Please remember I have strong beliefs about my theory, which to me is a FACT that “old sayings” are damaging. But still the power of reputation and even though I have proven to myself and others of my theory, still the power of old sayings still is my go to thought without even thinking. This proves that when you are sad, you revert to your pre-programmed nature.


hmmmm…. Are you thinking what I am thinking? WHY does our or “my” pre-programmed nature revert to a negative defeating statement?  I don’t have an answer for this.


Part 2.



The Anthony Theory of How the Unknown World, “God” “the universe” or whatever talks to you and helps you.

A friend of mine that I only knew for a short time and haven’t spoken to in years had told me once that the path I have chosen, or chose me rather is going to be one of solitude and suffering. This is due to my nature of choosing to suffer and be alone rather than agree with things that I don’t. It also seemed to be based on our conversation (which I can barely remember) about how I have such an understanding of the variables that make people do things and also feel that it is next to impossible to see yourself for who you are that I can never stay mad or hate anyone. It was kind of an odd statement and also one that I felt mixed emotions about. I felt:


(A) Flattered


(B) Uppset


(C) Disagreement




How The “Unknown World”, “God” “the universe” whatever it is that is out there gives you advice:


For most of my life and still now to a small to large extant, anyone that gave me something that I did not understand the value of I wasted. People tried to give me life lessons. Some would have helped me a great deal, others may have hurt me, but unless I asked for that advice, or did not fall in line with I wanted from them here is what I would do:




Work as has as I could at trying to look interested, adjusting my face until I could see by the look in their eyes that they felt they were “getting through to me”


( B) Listen for as many holes as possible in what they are saying so that when It is my turn to talk, I am going to disprove them.


At the end of these talks any good advice was definitely not taken in for by me and I either flipped them, got into a screaming match or just humored them. The point is, because I did not ask for their advice, or maybe I vocally “asked” for their advice but didn’t get the answer I wanted, all effort by that person was wasted.


If you know me, then you already know this about me, if you don’t know me you are either thinking: ” ha-ha that’s funny” or ” you are a sociopath”  Well guess what, you both right. But, let’s forget about the people that tried to help me. I am just angry about the fact that I could have had a much better life if I realized this sooner. BUT, the fact that I was like that, makes me know that it so so so does exist. Let me tell you, to this day, It is hard for me to listen to people.


Just listening to someone talk makes me feel anxious. But I know that I will never get the closeness that I yearn for so badly without listening to what people have to say and about things in their life if I don’t put my effort in on really trying to understand what they are saying and if I don’t agree with them only tell them if they ask, why? (Re-read what I just wrote above this lol)


We got that out of the way, My point is this my theory is based on about 30 things that have happened to me in my life that mathematically are much more likely to prove my theory then negate it:


God can’t help us by giving us answers or what we want.

God is a word, not a thing or a person and our minds have no idea of even how to conceive what we are or he or what he/it/them is or what “Fair” is. BUT I don’t think god thinks we are stupid, I just think he knows that not only the best way to help is to only help us if we ask, but the only way to help us is make us really look for his help and/or maybe he has trouble communicating with us, who knows. But I do know things happen to me every so often and they only happen when there is something that is weighing on my mind driving to the brink of whatever happens when I snap.


I believe that god try’s to help you by showing you?


“Extremely Subtle but highly unlikely Coincidences”


And sometimes like today they are just written out in front of you and just as I think people don’t listen to advice unless we are open to ask, we won’t here gods advice unless we are open to it or ask and ask much as I hate asking anyone for help or advice I want to accomplish my goal about 30 million times then holding onto past fears or pride.

I will not break down anymore of this because I don’t even want to type anymore so you either get what I mean or you don’t. And trust me; I’m not talking about something stupid like seeing the same shirt you have on, on someone else.


I’m talking about after me being outside thinking about the damage of “Blanket statements” and “old sayings” randomly picking something up that had nothing to do with anything about these kinds of subjects and it having quotes in it that directly related to what I thought about:


Bruce Lee Said: “Formulas can only inhibit freedom. They are extremely dictated prescriptions that only squelch creativity and assure mediocrity. Learning is defiantly nor mere imitation, nor is it the ability to aculeate and regurgitate fixed knowledge. Learning is a constant process of discovery, a process without end”


Anthony Robbins said: Successful people all have certain things in common. “Success leaves clues” Model successful people, but instead of limiting yourself to a single way model from MANY successful people. Take little time from here and a little time from there, keep what works, and throw away the rest.


Jim Rohn : Summed up this process well when he said “ be a student not a follower”



Me: I would like to add something that is part of my core beliefs and structure:  If you have any plan or system that works and you are struggling with life and making changes, fall back to the plan and structure you know works, even if it doesn’t work right, if it helps you build momentum, do it. The time for change isn’t when you have no momentum. Do what you know has worked before you try something that may not work at all. The discouragement can destroy you.






This blog is dedicated to:


My sister my, best friend, the only person that knew the truth about me, the best listener and the only person I would have died for.




Christine hall, the most beautiful fun girl I have ever had the luck of knowing.  I stopped fearing death because of the chance that I might get to hang out with you again.